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Essential Family Photo Tips

Family Photo Tips You Ought To Know

Nowadays, smartphones boast built-in high-resolution cameras that are capable of taking fantastic photos. You don’t even have to be an expert to take a beautiful picture. However, working with a professional photographer is still advantageous in many ways.

  • It saves you the trouble of having to use a self-timer or requesting a friend to take the photo for you.
  • Going the professional photographer way provides you better options thus increasing your chances of capturing the perfect photo.
  • Professional photo shoots can last several hours and often entail taking multiple shots under different scenarios.
  • It is essential to engage a photographer before you sign up for a professional shoot. Such an engagement will help you decide whether they are a good match for your family’s needs.
  • Family portraits are best treated as events.

Once you have set an appointment, here are a few tips to help you and your family prepare for that special day.

family photo
Outdoors are ideal if natural settings are your thing.


Most photographers will offer you the option of a studio or an outdoor location. Outdoors are ideal if natural settings are your thing. Blending a home studio backdrop with a garden environment can yield magnificent results. Gardens are also suitable if you have playful children.


If you have a household item that you like it is advisable to carry it with you for the shoot.

Prior planning

It’s not every day that you have a professional photo session. Make an effort of looking smart and elegant. You can carry your makeup kit or a hairbrush to freshen up in between sessions.

Engage your photographer

Do some digging about their style, comb through all their gallery samples to gauge if they fit your profile. Start a conversation and let them know that you expect to get from the photo shoot.

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The secret to having a successful family photo lies in proper planning



The positioning of your hands and arms can significantly alter the perception of the photo. Avoid placing your hands in awkward places, try as much as possible to keep your arms away from your body.


Time management is very crucial, especially where kids are involved. Children tend to lose interest quickly so be sure to bring toys or snacks if the session lasts longer than an hour. Ensure that everybody’s needs are met to avoid restlessness during the exercise.

Managing expectations

The goal of a family portrait is to capture everyone in the family. There’s a good chance that the photo might not resemble what you see in adverts.

Trust your photographer

Do what the photographer tells you to do, after all, they’re doing it in your best interests.

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Don’t shy away from adopting a bold look.


Choice of clothing

It’s advisable to don brightly coloured clothing that compliments each other. Steer clear of outfits that have logos, slogans or clashing patterns. Avoid the outdated style of matching jeans and shirts. However, don’t shy away from adopting a bold look. It is also the best option to have a tailored clothing as it makes you look sharp and showcases your style.


The secret to having a successful family photo lies in proper planning, managing expectations, keeping an open mind, conversing with your photographer and having fun during the entire exercise.