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    Essential Family Photo Tips

    Family Photo Tips You Ought To Know Nowadays, smartphones boast built-in high-resolution cameras that are capable of taking fantastic photos. You don’t even have to┬ábe an expert to take a beautiful picture. However, working with a professional photographer is still advantageous in many ways. It saves you the trouble of having to use a self-timer or requesting a friend to take the photo for you. Going the professional photographer way provides you better options thus increasing your chances of capturing the perfect photo. Professional photo shoots can last several hours and often entail taking multiple shots under different scenarios. It is essential to engage a photographer before you sign up…

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    Photograph like a Professional

    According to the New York Institute of Photography, a room is just a shell. At best, the appearance is an afterthought. Most people don’t think much about making the rooms in their home a subject of a photograph. A photograph is a great way to capture a memory in the home that can be passed down to your children. It is also a great way to get photo evidence of furniture or artwork for insurance purposes. Finally, pictures are a great way to get buyers interested if you are selling your home. To get the perfect photo, there are a few tips that you should follow. Tip #1 Choose and…

  • Design,  Photography

    Photographing Your Best Interior Design

    What To Look For Upon your arrival at an architectural building, you need to walk around inside the structure and plan out the types of initial images you’d like to take. This will provide you with more familiarity with the building’s interior architecture and design. You’ll need to look at the angles and shadows and try to determine the ones that will provide the best representations of the interior. Be sure to look from high elevations, such as stairways and balconies (if possible). If there’s a tall ceiling, a ladder might be a great tool to have. Lighting is Key When you’re working with house interior design photography, you need…