• bouquet of flowers

    Artificial and Real Flowers for Your Event

    All About Bulk Flowers and Artificial Flowers There is a flower for every occasion. In fact, certain occasions seem incomplete without flowers. Decoration for certain events lacks the grace and the ambience if real or artificial flowers are not used. They are attractive and everyone likes the colourful blossoms around them. There are so many varieties of flowers and its association with man has been coming along for ages.   Today, no special occasion is considered complete without flowers. They are beautiful and make the occasion even more beautiful when they grace it. Can you imagine Valentine’s Day without flowers? A wedding ceremony without seasonal flowers for its decoration? A party…

  • modern house design

    Modern House Design

    Modern house design has its advantages. Architects love designing homes that combine function with simplicity. Some clients, however, like to stick to tradition when it comes to their homes as they see modern design as something cold and unyielding. This is simply not true about modern homes. A modern home offers more freedom in their floorplans allowing for extra space to move around and yet come together. It is about creating one open space with many different functions. There are at least five reasons why you should embrace modern house design and consider buying a modern home. Kitchen Area The kitchen is often the focal point in the modern home…

  • dining table set

    Types of Interior Design

    House interior design styles are many and varied and often confusing. How do you tell them all apart and what elements does each style contain that makes it unique from any other?   While it is difficult to name all the house interior design styles possible there are a few elements that stand out among each one. For one, consider the name of the design style and note any features that stand out to identify it by either decorative elements or time period. From the modern design style to the eclectic you can identify some of them simply by their name. A modern design style is usually considered to be…

  • Design,  Photography

    Photographing Your Best Interior Design

    What To Look For Upon your arrival at an architectural building, you need to walk around inside the structure and plan out the types of initial images you’d like to take. This will provide you with more familiarity with the building’s interior architecture and design. You’ll need to look at the angles and shadows and try to determine the ones that will provide the best representations of the interior. Be sure to look from high elevations, such as stairways and balconies (if possible). If there’s a tall ceiling, a ladder might be a great tool to have. Lighting is Key When you’re working with house interior design photography, you need…