Artificial and Real Flowers for Your Event

All About Bulk Flowers and Artificial Flowers

There is a flower is for every occasion. In fact, certain occasions seem incomplete without flowers. Decoration for certain events lacks the grace and the ambiance, if real or artificial flowers are not used. They are attractive and everyone likes the colorful blossoms around them. There are so many varieties of flowers and its association with man has been coming along for ages.

Today, no special occasion is considered complete without flowers. They are beautiful and make the occasion even more beautiful when they grace it. Can you imagine a Valentine’s day without flowers? A wedding ceremony without seasonal flowers for its decoration? A party without artificial flowers? Or even a burial site or a funeral without flowers to pay respect to the deceased? Something will definitely be amiss in all these situations.

No matter, whether the occasion is happy or sad, it is incomplete without flowers. Bulk flowers are used to grace a lot of occasions. So, how does one go about getting flowers in bulk? How to buy them? This article talks about all these aspects. Saving money on bulk items is easy. You can save a good amount by buying things in bulk. When bought at wholesale, you can expect to save some good amount of money by buying them in bulk. Florists cannot always provide you with items in bulk.

Order Artificial Flowers in Advance

For avoiding last-minute issues and problems, it is better to place the order of bulk artificial flowers in advance with the florist. This way, you will not face any last-minute emergencies because you cannot find a florist who can deliver you in bulk amounts. Another way to avoid last-minute issues is to shop online. You can easily find online wholesale florists, who sell all types of flowers at wholesale prices. The best part about online services is that you get to know immediately, if the flowers of your choice are in stock or not. Also, you can place order easily and get delivery within no time from an online wholesale florist. You just have to type in bulk flowers or wholesale florists in the search box of the search engine and you will be provided with a list of online flower sellers.

artificial flowers

Caring for Your Real Flowers

Bulk flowers when bought have to be looked after well. This is because they have the tendency to wither, once plucked from the respective plants. The time taken to wither differs from one flower to another. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are well aware about keeping them fresher for longer period.

Another most important thing is to keep them well hydrated. To maintain their freshness for a long time, ensure that the items you bought in bulk are kept well hydrated. Also, the ends should be trimmed. This also keeps them fresher for longer period. Sprinkle little water on them after the arrangement, so that they remain fresh and give out a refreshing fragrance to all who are nearby. The ultimate aim of any flower arrangement is to keep them fresh and neat for a long time so that everybody around can enjoy their fragrance and beauty.

Consider Artificial Flowers

Of course all of this can be avoided by opting for Artificial flowers. While there are many cheap options that look fake, you can also buy premium silk flowers which look and feel amazing. There are suppliers and companies such as The Bouquet Maker, who specialise in supplying artificial flowers to all sorts of occasions from funerals to weddings. 



Essential Family Photo Tips

Family Photo Tips You Ought To Know

Nowadays, smartphones boast built-in high-resolution cameras that are capable of taking fantastic photos. You don’t even have to be an expert to take a beautiful picture. However, working with a professional photographer is still advantageous in many ways.

  • It saves you the trouble of having to use a self-timer or requesting a friend to take the photo for you.
  • Going the professional photographer way provides you better options thus increasing your chances of capturing the perfect photo.
  • Professional photo shoots can last several hours and often entail taking multiple shots under different scenarios.
  • It is essential to engage a photographer before you sign up for a professional shoot. Such an engagement will help you decide whether they are a good match for your family’s needs.
  • Family portraits are best treated as events.

Once you have set an appointment, here are a few tips to help you and your family prepare for that special day.


Most photographers will offer you the option of a studio or an outdoor location. Outdoors are ideal if natural settings are your thing. Blending a home studio backdrop with a garden environment can yield magnificent results. Gardens are also suitable if you have playful children.


If you have a household item that you like it is advisable to carry it with you for the shoot.

Prior planning

It’s not every day that you have a professional photo session. Make an effort of looking smart and elegant. You can carry your makeup kit or a hairbrush to freshen up in between sessions.

Engage your photographer

Do some digging about their style, comb through all their gallery samples to gauge if they fit your profile. Start a conversation and let them know that you expect to get from the photo shoot.


The positioning of your hands and arms can significantly alter the perception of the photo. Avoid placing your hands in awkward places, try as much as possible to keep your arms away from your body.


Time management is very crucial, especially where kids are involved. Children tend to lose interest quickly so be sure to bring toys or snacks if the session lasts longer than an hour. Ensure that everybody’s needs are met to avoid restlessness during the exercise.

Managing expectations

The goal of a family portrait is to capture everyone in the family. There’s a good chance that the photo might not resemble what you see in adverts.

Trust your photographer

Do what the photographer tells you to do, after all, they’re doing it in your best interests.

Choice of clothing

It’s advisable to don brightly coloured clothing that compliments each other. Steer clear of outfits that have logos, slogans or clashing patterns. Avoid the outdated style of matching jeans and shirts. However, don’t shy away from adopting a bold look. It is also the best option to have a tailored clothing as it makes you look sharp and showcases your style.


The secret to having a successful family photo lies in proper planning, managing expectations, keeping an open mind, conversing with your photographer and having fun during the entire exercise.

Modern House Design

Modern house design has its advantages. Architects love designing homes that combine function with simplicity. Some clients, however, like to stick to tradition when it comes to their homes as they see modern design as something cold and unyielding.

This is simply not true about modern homes. A modern home offers more freedom in their floorplans allowing for extra space to move around and yet come together. It is about creating one open space with many different functions.

There are at least five reasons why you should embrace modern house design and consider buying a modern home.

Kitchen Area


The center of attention of the house.

The kitchen is often the focal point in the modern home as it incorporates much of our daily life as a family and is considered the gathering place. Since kitchens are more visible today than in the past, they have a lot of storage areas to hide kitchenware and yet show off our appliances.


A modern home showcases lots of windows to let in natural light. Large picture windows allow for a visual appeal to enjoy the view as well as bathe the home in natural lighting.


Good lighting and space of a modern house design.

Open Space

Modern house design allows for a lot of open space in the home so occupants don’t feel so cramped in close quarters. It also is a source of allowing more natural light into the home.

Flexible Floor Plans

An open and spacious floor plan allows for your living environment to be arranged according to your preferences by moving furniture and allowing for greater storage space.

Showcase Your Personality


It emphasizes the personality of the home owner.

Modern home design with its open floor plan and generous space allow you the room to showcase your own personality. This means that you can add all the details to your home that make it uniquely your living space such as your choice of furniture, decor and other personal touches to rooms.

Types of Interior Design

House interior design styles are many and varied and often confusing. How do you tell them all apart and what elements does each style contain that makes it unique from any other?


While it is difficult to name all the house interior design styles possible there are a few elements that stand out among each one. For one, consider the name of the design style and note any features that stand out to identify it by either decorative elements or time period.

From the modern design style to the eclectic you can identify some of them simply by their name. A modern design style is usually considered to be minimalist and focused more on function and maximizing living space.

The contemporary, while it may sound similar to modern, is not exactly the same. This design style focuses on the trendy look and what is in style at that moment in time.

A minimalist style is just that, it focuses on the less is more concept and the more simple a living space is and less cluttered the better.

The classic design style is all about symmetry and balance and usually has some focal point in the room like a fireplace or featured piece of furniture.

The urban style is more industrial and uses unfinished surfaces as focal points along with non-functional items to create a distinctly modern look.

The art deco look while in its heyday during the 20s and 30s has found its way into modern society and its focal point is lighting in the room along with industrial materials and lots of mirrors.

The retro look is just as the name implies, a distinct look that fuses the past with the present. Redesigned old world style with a modern twist.

The country look is simple and cozy and the decor often consists of items obtained at flea markets and antique shops.

The rococo style is flamboyant and extravagant and uses a lot of gold and rich and bold fabrics along with expensive wood pieces.

The Georgian style uses lots of floral patterns and porcelain accessories as its decorative style.

The Victorian style is usually excessive with lots of decorations and accessories and flamboyant designs but the walls and floors are usually plain.

Finally, the eclectic style is a hodgepodge of all the other design elements coming together in an organized and unusual way that is both creative and appealing to the eyes.

Photograph like a Professional

According to the New York Institute of Photography, a room is just a shell. At best, the appearance is an afterthought. Most people don’t think much about making the rooms in their home a subject of a photograph. A photograph is a great way to capture a memory in the home that can be passed down to your children. It is also a great way to get photo evidence of furniture or artwork for insurance purposes. Finally, pictures are a great way to get buyers interested if you are selling your home. To get the perfect photo, there are a few tips that you should follow.

Tip #1 Choose and Interesting Angle


Shoot the best angle.

Professional interior photographers have a method when it comes to photographing a room. The best way is to walk about the room. Shoot the back of the room and shoot the front of the room. Take some photos with the camera pointing up slightly and then down slightly. Whenever possible, take shots with the floor in them. If you photograph the room without the floor in the shot, it can give the photo an unsettled, floating feeling. According to the professional, the best way to do this is to is to take some shots while on your knees.

The angle of the photo can make the photograph more inviting and it can complement the space. A good picture will tell a story. If you are able to capture the room as a whole. When taking photos, you should zoom in and take photos of the smaller details in the room. This includes the coffee table, your dresser, your bedside table, and all other home accents. Don’t be afraid to take too many pictures. It isn’t possible. The more pictures you take, the more you will have to choose from.

Tip #2 Lighting Is Important
When it comes to the lighting in the room, it is best to use natural light if possible. Too much natural light, however, is not a good thing. If there is an overly bright window, avoid it. If the window is overly bright, it can cause problems with the white balance or the exposure. If the window is too bright, you can simply draw the shades or curtains. You should never shoot towards the light, but make sure that there is a bright light in the background. To be sure that you are getting the best lighting, shoot different points of the room so that you can figure out where the lighting is best.

If you are taking the photos in the morning, photograph the rooms that face Eastward. If you are shooting in the afternoon, focus on the Westward facing rooms. Rooms that are on the North or South side should be photographed during the brightest times of the day. It is not a good idea to shoot on a cloudy or rainy day. If you want the pictures to come out great, postpone the shoot until the sun comes out.

If you want your photos to look more gentle and soft, try photographing the room at dawn or dusk. When the sun is setting or rising, it can help you create a gorgeous photo. If you need a flash and your camera’s flash is adjustable, you should point it at the ceiling. This will allow the light to bounce off the ceiling, creating light that is more diffused.

Photograph the room with the perfect light.

Tip #3 Find Your Focus
To determine what you are photographing, it is important that you find your focus within the frame. Do you want to focus in on the way the room is laid out? Are you photographing your fireplace or a piece of art that you love? It could be your piano in the corner of the room that will be your main focus. When you have decided what the focus of the photo is going to be, you should remove all of the clutter and unnecessary accessories from the area. This will help your photo tell a great story.
You can take a great story by adding some minor details to the shot. You can put a few throw pillows on the couch, add candlesticks on the table, or put some silver picture frames on the piano. These mall details will tell a story without distracting the user from the main subject of the photo. When you are shooting, you should take some in landscape mode and some in portrait mode. Landscape mode is great, however, portrait mode will give the photo a more dramatic and powerful look.

Tip #4 Declutter
Even if your interiors are tasteful, you should still declutter the area if you want to take a good photograph. Before you shoot, stand in the room and find something that is distracting to your eye. For example, if you are going to be taking a photograph of your home office, you should hide cords and excessive hardware and telephones. You should also keep your writing supplies on the desk to a minimum. It is a good idea to remove anything that will take your eye away from the focal point of the room. This means removing wastebaskets, figurines, knick-knacks, and anything that you find distracting. After you declutter, there are things that you should add. A small vase of flowers or an elegant picture frame are both great options.
If you are taking photos of your kitchen, remove any large electrical gadgets from the countertops and replace them with large bowls of fresh fruit. Also, make sure that the countertops and cabinets are clean.
If you are taking a photo of the bedroom and linens are going to be in the picture, they should be cleaned and ironed. The bed should be made and the pillows should be fluffed and then lined up nicely. Make sure that all of your pictures are straight because crooked photos can be distracting. You should remove all of the clutter from your bedside table and replace it with a small vase of flowers or a book.

Tip #5 Select the Space
You need to think about what it is that you are trying to capture. What do you find interesting about the space? To figure that out, you should walk around the room taking pictures from various angles. If your original vision doesn’t capture as well as another shot, this will help you figure that out. Try to take as many pictures as you can. There are some cases where the most powerful shot will have part of the room left out.
When taking your photos, zoom in and zoom out between shots. The entire look of your room can change based on the focal point. When you have chosen the space to shoot, try to capture the correct emotion. If you can find the space and the angle to capture your message, you will be able shoot an amazing photo.

Tip #6 Stage the Space

When taking photos, you want the space decluttered, however, you don’t want the space to look vacant. The best way to tell a story with your photograph is to stage the space with the right accessories. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can look for ideas in magazines, in catalogs, or you can look here, at Freshome.

Tip #7 Equipment
If you want to take great photos, you should invest in a high-quality camera. If you have a camera with a good lens, it will make all the difference in your photos. You can have a great eye for photography, but without the right equipment, your photos won’t be clear. It is important to make sure that the colors of the objects in the photo and the lighting are as true as possible Basically, taking a picture with your phone won’t be good enough. It is possible to find a high-quality digital camera that is affordable. If you use a wide-angle lens rather than a fisheye, you will be able to take amazing shots and capture the essence of the room. It is important to understand that a very wide lens will have a greater barrel distortion, therefore, you don’t want to go too wide. When you have taken your pictures and uploaded them to your computer, you should use one of the free photo editing sites to play around the picture. You can try:
• PicMonkey
• Picasa
• FotoFlexer
• iPiccy
If you are looking for a photo editor with more editing capabilities, you should buy a basic version of Photoshop.

Tip #8 Don’t Be Afraid To Be a Copy Cat
To get some great ideas, you should browse this site or pick up a few home décor magazines. Professionals have certain styles and taste that you can use. You should take a lot of pictures. If you have plenty of pictures to choose from you will be able to figure out what appeals to you the most. You aren’t going to be a master photographer right away. This means that you are going to need to practice. The more pictures you take, the better you will get and you will be more pleased with your shots.

Most importantly, you should understand that house interior design photography can be fun.

Photographing Your Best Interior Design

What To Look For

Upon your arrival at an architectural building, you need to walk around inside the structure and plan out the types of initial images you’d like to take. This will provide you with more familiarity with the building’s interior architecture and design. You’ll need to look at the angles and shadows and try to determine the ones that will provide the best representations of the interior. Be sure to look from high elevations, such as stairways and balconies (if possible). If there’s a tall ceiling, a ladder might be a great tool to have.

Check every detail to capture the best shot.

Lighting is Key

When you’re working with house interior design photography, you need to work with as much natural light as possible, but in most cases you will need additional lighting so be prepared. Since the light is constantly moving throughout the course of a day, you’ll need to plan for which rooms might do best with morning light and which might do best with evening light. If you’re only allocated a short window of time, then you’ll need to bring supplemental lighting, but remember that you can give a very good impression on the client by asking for additional time-slots to capture natural lighting in different rooms.

Lighting is important to emphasize the design.

The Composition

Remember to be versatile and flexible. You want to express your client’s sense of design that melds with the architectural qualities of the building. Get the basics, but then use your creative vision to focus in on certain elements that you feel stand out. Have some fun and take some looser shots. Provide yourself some extra time in order to capture relaxed moments and moments of play with the interior. It’s almost guaranteed that good images will inevitably come whenever you engage that inner creative spirit. In fact, more often than not the best images come from those creative shots after you’ve completed all the formal ones.